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We are not currently accepting any applications.


We are always eager to welcome new dogs into our daycare family, but before their first day we do have a few requirements.


Age: All puppies 8 weeks or older are eligible to join our daycare.


Vaccinations: All dogs entering our daycare must provide proof of vaccination.  Puppies must have received their first series of Distemper and Kennel Cough before they are eligible.  We are happy to accept titers or vaccine waivers from your veterinarian.  We do, however, require a current Rabies vaccine as dictated by Massachusetts State Law.


Spaying/Neutering: We ask that dogs attending our daycare be spayed or neutered by 12 months.  Exceptions can be made on an individual basis by speaking with Casey.


Parasites: All dogs must provide proof of a negative fecal exam no more than 30 days prior to their first day of daycare.  We then ask that they have fecal exams every 6 months.


Interview: We have a detailed interview process in order to ensure that each new dog fits in with our current group.  During your dog’s first visit they will be assessed on different traits and behaviors, including manners with the staff, how they interact with the dogs and staff, any anxiety displayed, and any undesireable behaviors that may need extra work or training from our perspective.  We will then discuss all of this with you at pick up so that you will understand our assessment.  We reserve the right to deny daycare to any new applicant who we feel will not fit in with our group.  We also reserve the right to excuse any current dog from daycare if we feel they are no longer benefitting from our services.

Click here to download our registration packet

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