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Daycare At Canine Existence

The daycare at Canine Existence strives to provide a safe and fun alternative to your dog staying at home.  While your dog is here they will have plenty of opportunities to play outside and inside in small supervised groups.

We require all dogs to be dropped off prior to 9:30am.  Arrivals after this time disrupt the daily routine.

Our "Playful Canines" Adult Program

Playful Canines is a program we have designed for social adult dogs. There is a detailed interview process and we only accept dogs that fit well into our established group.  With no more than 20 dogs a day attending we are able to give every dog the individual attention they need in addition to their structured playtime.  Our adult program does not feature crates unless the individual needs to have a quiet place to take a break for a short period. 

For more information click here or visit our Registration page.


Interview $20

Half Day (drop off before 9:30, pick up before 12:30) - $25 

Full Day: $35 (1 dog) $55 (2 dogs) $75 (3 dogs)

Pre-pay packages: 

$145 (5 days, 1 dog)  $235 (5 days, 2 dogs)  $320 (5 days, 3 dogs)

Monthly Pass:

$480 (20 consecutive days, 1 dog)

Our "4 Paws Ahead" Puppy Program

Puppies are hard work.  It is vital to make sure they have good associations and experiences with a variety of things during the first several months of their life.  We are committed to helping you set your puppy up for success by offering a specific program for puppies aged 8 weeks to 10 months.  We have used our personal experiences and knowledge to develop a program that will help you obtain a well rounded and social puppy that is confident enough to take on the world.

Each puppy will get individual attention and training sessions during the day interspersed with nap time and play times.  This schedule will teach them impulse control and how to recognize when they need a break.  During training sessions we work on exposure to novel stimuli, confidence building with our fitness equipment, and basic behaviors and manners (sit/down/come/wait/hand target/no jumping or mouthing).

For more information click here or visit our Registration page.


$50/day, discount packages available upon request

Our Fitness Center

We believe that fitness is an important part of a dog's life.  Peak condition will help them live a healthy life and can reduce the risk of arthritis and other activity related injuries.  Canine Existence is proud to have a large selection of the best fitness equipment available.  Most of our equipment is from TotoFit LLC which strives to produce safe, BPA and Phthalate free products.  In addition to the inflatables we also have Klimb platforms, pivot boxes, basic agility equipment, and a DogTread Treadmill.  


Our fitness center is available as an add on to daycare.  We tailor exercises to each individual and will work on a variety of things from stretching, core strengthening, building confidence, and treadmill training.

A 20 minute session is $20 and can be booked with Casey.

For more information click here

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